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Over $100,000 in Jewelry Stolen from Watsonville Store September 19, 2023 (0 comments)


Watsonville, CA--Watsonville police are investigating a series of high-profile thefts, the most significant being the theft of jewelry reportedly valued over $100,000 from a downtown store.

[Image via Watsonville Jewelry Store]

According to a KSBW report, Fatima’s Fine Jewelry on Main Street fell victim to an elaborate ruse by two women. 

Surveillance footage from the store captured the women, where one appears to divert the attention of a sales clerk while the other discreetly pockets a substantial amount of jewelry, including rings and necklaces.

Following the theft, the women left $500 behind, claiming they needed to retrieve a credit card from their vehicle. However, an external camera shows the duo making a hasty departure in a black minivan.

A seemingly forged driver's license left behind by one of the perpetrators describes one of the women, notably identifying a scar on her left chin.

In the report, Michelle Pulido, a representative for the Watsonville police, expressed her concerns about the theft, emphasizing the hardworking nature of the local business community. 

Although the initial classification of the crime is petty theft, once the owner can verify the extent of their loss, it might be upgraded to grand theft.

Given the nature of the items stolen, the jewelry is expected to be traded or sold, potentially from the minivan the suspects were driving. Local police have cautioned residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities.

Learn more in the entire KSBW report.

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