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MK Luxury Group Introduces Sign & Sell Program May 24, 2022 (0 comments)


Las Vegas, NV--Los Angeles-based MK Luxury Group (MKLG) has recently debuted a new inventory program for retailers called "Sign And Sell."

"Sign & Sell provides curated collections on memo supported by lightening fast replenishment and dynamic print, digital, and social media marketing campaigns that drive sales," said a company release, which also, asked "Why pay for merchandise before you sell it?" and said improved sales, cash flow and decreased expenses were among the benefits of Sign And Sell. 

The release also highlightred MK Luxury Group's "Retail In a Box" program. "MKLG's 'Retail in a Box' program is loaded with powerful tools to operate your business with greater efficiency and less stress," the release added that this program includes "comprehensive HR programs, website reviews, custom flyers, digital ad campaigns, an industry leading clienteling application, and a nationally supported warranty program."

The video below featuring MKLG owners Justin and desi Kraiem covers the Sign And Sell program in greater detail.

MKLG can be seen in Las Vegas at JCK/Lux 703 and CBG 412. Click for Appointments with Scott Fenton or Miq Torrente.

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