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Natural Diamond Council Launches Campaign Highlighting Canada’s Diamond Heritage with Lily James June 07, 2024 (0 comments)


New York, NY--The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) announced in a news release that it has launched its "Real. Rare. Responsible" campaign with actress Lily James as the Global Ambassador.

[Image via NDC]

Set to debut in late summer, the campaign includes films and various video and image assets documenting the journey of natural diamonds from Canada's Northwest Territories (NWT), the third-largest diamond-producing region in the world.

David Kellie, CEO of NDC, highlighted the importance of featuring natural diamonds in their authentic settings. "Formed deep within the Earth billions of years ago, it was important that we capture natural diamonds in their natural element for our new campaign," Kellie said in the news release. 

"Canada plays an integral role within the natural diamond industry," Kellie added in the release. "While people tend to more commonly associate countries in southern Africa, as leading natural diamond producers, Canada is also vital and it's paramount we share the incredible conservation efforts taking place in the NWT with consumers."

The campaign follows Lily James as she visits key diamond sites in the NWT, including the De Beers Canada / Gahcho Kué Diamond Mine, Rio Tinto's Yellowknife splitting facility, and Diamonds de Canada, the sole producer of the Polar Bear Diamond. These visits emphasize the benefits of maintaining a local supply chain, from mining to cutting and polishing.

"Visiting the Northwest Territories of Canada with Natural Diamond Council was an experience I will never forget," James stated, as per the release. "I witnessed firsthand how responsible practices aren't just a choice but they're a deep heartfelt commitment across the natural diamond industry."

The NDC will promote the campaign through its global retail partners, including luxury independent retailers in the US and leading diamond jewelry retailers in Asia.

Learn more about it in this news release by NDC.

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