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Summer 2024 Trends: Bold Styles and Maximalist Fashion Dominate Pinterest June 07, 2024 (0 comments)


San Francisco, CA--Pinterest’s Summer 2024 Trend Report shows a season filled with bold fashion choices, vibrant home decor, and summer recipes. Self-expression and individuality are at the forefront as users turn to Pinterest for fashion, beauty, home decor, and food inspiration.

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Per a report by Pinterest, maximalist fashion is set to dominate this summer with trends such as rock and roll styles, alternative outfits, and eye-catching patterns.

Users are embracing “tomboy femme” styles, with searches for baggy outfits and oversized jerseys surging by 290% and 175%, respectively. The “alt baddie” look has seen a staggering increase of 5550%, while leather wear and 80s new wave fashion continue to rise in popularity.

The report highlights a significant rise in searches for maximalist jewelry (+3460%) and eclectic pieces (+3410%). Chunky gold jewelry, charm necklaces, and even thigh jewelry are becoming key accessories this season, reflecting a move toward bold and unconventional styles.

Nostalgia for the 90s and early 2000s beauty trends continues to grow. Searches for “90s makeup look” and “2000s makeup” have increased by 270% and 580%, respectively. Hairstyles like the “Italian bob” and “razor cut bob” are trending, with searches up by 1100% and 8200%. Nail art inspired by fruit and vibrant colors also sees a rise, with “grapefruit nails” and “blueberry nail art” up by 194% and 196%.

Summer 2024 home decor trends on Pinterest are all about vibrant, personalized spaces. The search for “dopamine decor” has increased by 280%, highlighting a shift towards colorful and eclectic interiors. Inspired by Nancy Meyers’ classic aesthetic, users are opting for “vintage eclectic home” decor, with searches up by 1418%.

Pinterest users are planning unique and intimate gatherings, with “Bridgerton tea party” searches up by 430% and “dinner party” searches increasing by over 6000%. Innovative twists on summer foods are also trending, with searches for “mango float” up by 3700% and various new ways to enjoy avocados gaining popularity.

For jewelry retailers, these insights provide a roadmap for curating collections that meet the season’s demand for bold and eclectic styles. Embracing maximalist trends and offering diverse, statement-making pieces could resonate with customers seeking to enhance their style this summer.

Check out the entire report by Pinterest.

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