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NDC Forges Alliance with Top Jewelry Brands to Champion the Natural Diamond Dream September 20, 2023 (0 comments)


Hong Kong, China--The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) unveiled its latest strategic collaboration on September 12, partnering with two jewelry industry giants: DR Diamond Ring (Darry Ring), the engagement ring brand, and LIU GUI FU JEWELRY, a Chinese jewelry firm. 

[Image via The Natural Diamond Council]

This partnership is designed to foster the "Natural Diamond Dream" by promoting the inherent values of natural diamonds globally.

According to a media release, the three entities will roll out various digital content under this alliance and conduct online and offline communication campaigns. 

A significant aspect of this collaboration is to utilize their combined educational prowess to bolster the diamond industry.

Since its rebranding in 2020, the NDC has been at the forefront of driving awareness about the allure of natural diamonds, registering over five million consumer views on its diverse digital content. 

The council has previously forged alliances with industry leaders like Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group and Zbird to broaden their communication horizons, ultimately bolstering consumer interest in natural diamonds.

The release noted that Darry Ring, known for its "loving one person for a lifetime" ethos, brings its exceptional designs and unwavering commitment to symbolizing true love through natural diamonds.

LIU GUI FU JEWELRY, with its foundation laid in 2006, merges modern jewelry aesthetics with ancient royal craftsmanship, capturing the essence of the Chinese Osmanthus culture in their creations. Their designs resonate with both traditional charm and contemporary appeal.

Both brands, in synergy with the NDC, will support initiatives to spotlight the essence of natural diamonds in China. Their mutual efforts will span advertising, social media, and search engine marketing, crafting new industry narratives and educational materials.

Learn more in the entire news release on PR Newswire.

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