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NEW PRODUCT GALLERY: Nanis Italian Jewels Debuts Introductions in Four Collections May 25, 2024 (0 comments)


Las Vegas, NY--Nanis Italian Jewels has announced it is introducing new designs in its Ivy, Ciliegine, Boules and Trasformista collections.

According to a company release, Ivy (shown above/left and in a model image below) is Nanis's versatile, iconic necklace, gets its name from the plant and "embraces each personal style in unique ways." The collection is hand-engraved in 18kt gold with a diamond clasp and allows the wearer to adjust its length to her preference.

All photos courtesy of Nanis Italian Jewels.

The release went on to report that the Ciiegine Collection, given the further description "The Cherry on Top," will also see new introductions. The release said the collection offers: "Minimal yet playful design; is Perfect whether worn individually or paired across multiple ear piercings," and that "these 18kt gold and diamonds earrings offer endless styling possibilities." A photo from the Ciliegine Collection is shown below:

Nanis says it has been evolving its Boules Collection, based on its "iconic round shape and playfulness" for more than 30 years and is now adding new styles to this line. The release said "Sinuous, colorful and eclectic, Boules places the charm in charming. The new and latest collection is designed to be embedded in all Nanis Essentials
to celebrate your life’s milestones with jewelry that knows how to party." Boules image shown below.

The Nanis release also said the company's Trasformista Collection, which it refers to as an "Ode to Transformation," will also see new introductions. It said "The Trasformista Collection masterfully embodies luxury, elegance, and versatility with timeless jewelry pieces in 18kt gold and diamonds that, with a simple gesture, almost by magic, change their shape, making every moment an opportunity to shine." Trasformista Collection model image below.

NANIS ITALIAN JEWELS new introductions in the above collections can be seen at the Couture show, salon 227.

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