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Norman Silverman Diamonds Shares Insights on Tennis Bracelets July 05, 2024 (0 comments)


Los Angeles, CA--Norman Silverman Diamonds shared on Facebook a concise guide on tennis bracelets, offering insights into their history, style, and design. Here's what the post has to say.

[Image via Norman Silverman Diamonds/Facebook]

Origin of the Tennis Bracelet

The term "tennis bracelet" entered the fashion lexicon in 1987 when tennis star Chris Evert famously halted her U.S. Open match to search for her lost diamond bracelet. This incident catapulted the accessory into the spotlight, linking it with effortless sophistication both on and off the court.

Timeless Style

Praised for its elegance, the tennis bracelet has become a staple in jewelry collections. Its versatility makes it suitable for stacking or as a standalone piece, adding a touch of refinement to casual and formal outfits. This timeless appeal ensures it remains a chic accessory for any occasion.

Durable Design

The post notes that beyond its aesthetic appeal, the tennis bracelet is celebrated for its secure and flexible design. Featuring a unique clasp and individually set diamonds, it combines elegance with durability, making it a reliable accessory for various activities.

See the post here.

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