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Ocean City’s Famed Jeweler Henry’s: A ‘Glittering Legacy’ Concludes After 50 Years July 24, 2023 (0 comments)


Ocean City, N.J.--As the year draws to a close, a landmark of Ocean City’s boardwalk, Henry’s Ocean City Landmarks Jewelers, prepares to turn off its lights after over 50 years of being a treasured fixture.

[Image via Henry's Landmark Jeweler/Facebook]

A report published in Ocean City Sentinel states that best friends since their Little League days in sixth grade, Jeff Sherman and Sam Koperwas are the duo behind the iconic store. Sherman, whose family owned a business on Atlantic City’s boardwalk, discovered a shop for sale on Ocean City's boardwalk and felt the entrepreneurial calling. Koperwas, who spent several summers working for Sherman's family, decided to join forces with his friend, marking the start of a glittering journey.

Henry’s Ocean City Landmark Jewelers debuted in 1972, and over the decades, it matured alongside the city itself. Originally a summer business, the friends relished in the relaxed atmosphere, frequently taking time out to unwind on the beach or catch a ball game before reopening the doors of their jewelry store.

Reflecting on their journey, Koperwas expressed deep gratitude towards the supportive administration and the loyal customers who patronized them over the years. “It wasn’t a transient population that we thought we might see,” he said in the report. “People kept returning summer after summer, and we got to make really strong relationships with so many families over the years. That really is the gratifying part as we walk away from this.”th so many families has been the true reward of our journey.”

[Image via Henry's Landmark Jeweler/Facebook]

Koperwas fondly remembers a conversation with a customer who still cherished a squash blossom necklace she bought in the 1970s. Although he didn't recall the particular sale, he acknowledged that the customer's investment had directly helped him pay his bills. Both men were taught the importance of treating customers well by their fathers, who owned businesses.

Sherman and Koperwas's families expanded with marriages, births, and grandchildren as the years unfolded. The passage of 50 years made them realize it was time to step back and devote themselves to their growing families.

Koperwas is approaching his imminent retirement with mixed feelings, as work has always been integral to his life. His post-retirement plans include traveling, spending time with his family, and becoming more involved in his grandchildren's lives.

Despite their business withdrawal from the boardwalk, both families will continue to enjoy their summers on the island. “Across the country, there are very few places that have that appeal of Ocean City in the summer; it’s always going to be our happy place," Koperwas added in the report.

Their less hands-on Cape May location will remain open, with Sherman and Koperwas continuing to offer their expertise and maintaining vendor relationships for custom designs.

As a farewell gesture, the Ocean City boardwalk shop plans to stay open until Christmas, introducing new merchandise and offering further discounts if necessary. This timeline will also provide their dedicated staff employment until the year's end.

Henry’s is located at 1236 Boardwalk, a location soon to be etched in the memory of Ocean City's history.

Learn more in the original Oceany City Sentinel report.

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