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One For You, One For Me |  December 04, 2019 (0 comments)


New York, NY—“Women aren’t waiting for men to buy them jewelry,” says a recent article from Quartz. That’s no secret in the jewelry industry but it seems to be news to everyone else. 

While categories like gold, silver, and pearl jewelry have been female self-purchase mainstays since the 1980s, now that De Beers is throwing marketing muscle behind the category, even jewelers that ignored the market are sitting up and taking note.

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It’s also no secret that a lot of women love to treat themselves while they’re shopping for holiday gifts for others. Possibly the female self-purchaser is already top-of-mind for your fourth quarter marketing efforts, but if not, consider making them a target of some of your ads. 

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The Quartz article offers solid statistics regarding the female-self purchaser:

“According to a recent report by Coresight Research—a retail research and advisory firm that analyzed US Census data—retailers of all sorts see a diminishing share of annual sales coming from the holiday months of November and December. Among the types of retailers Coresight looked at, jewelry stores received the largest share of sales from the holidays, but also saw the largest drop in that share. In 1998, US jewelry stores depended on 33.4% of their annual sales during the holidays. In 2018, it was down to 26.7%.”

Read the full article here.

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