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Year Of The Woman: Diamond Self-Purchase Campaign Set To Launch |  February 13, 2019 (0 comments)


Scottsdale, AZ—Even though women drive 85% of all consumer purchases, most fine jewelry marketing still positions it as a gift. Decades of emphasizing diamonds as a gift of love from a man to a woman has become so ingrained that both jewelers and consumers have a hard time seeing diamonds any other way.

That’s about to change. Last year, De Beers finally acknowledged the female self-purchase market as a viable target market for diamonds, and this year the Diamond Producers Association will be launching a hard-driving campaign to get more women to buy diamonds. 

During a presentation at the Centurion Scottsdale Show, DPA senior vice president of communications and insights Sarah Gorvitz said the next iteration of the DPA’s Real Is Rare campaign will be titled “For Me From Me,” inspired by the 30% of women that already do buy diamonds for themselves, and designed to encourage diamond self-purchase among all women.

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“In 35 hours of focus groups, we were on the hunt for why women get motivated to purchase diamonds for themselves,” Gorvitz told jewelers in the audience. “Why, if they have $1,000 to spend, would they buy a pair of shoes or a handbag instead of a diamond? When you buy a bag or shoes, you don’t talk about the purchase with the person in your life, you just go do it. But you do talk over a diamond. We’re on hunt for why, so that we can overcome those barriers.”

Those barriers are ingrained thinking that diamonds are a gift, not bought for oneself--or that they’re only for a special occasion. For the trade, the barriers are getting beyond the focus of bridal and holiday purchases and marketing diamonds as an everyday, just-because purchase.

“The [For Me From Me] creative reminds women they can go buy diamonds for themselves,” says Gorvitz. “Research shows enough women do think about it, so it demonstrates the feeling and satisfaction that comes with it.” 70% of retailers polled by DPA last year already said diamond self-purchase was on the rise in their stores, so the campaign should hit a ready chord.

“It’s the right time to do the campaign as well, being in sync with cultural perspectives of women in United States, and in sync with women who spend a lot of money on purchases of other luxury goods.”

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The message is simple: make it mainstream, says Gorvitz. Retailers will play a critical role in offering the right product at the right price: DPA says ideal price points for diamond self-purchase are below $2,000, and the median price point is about the same as for diamond gifts, about $1,300. It's also an excellent category for diamond-driven styles with higher margins, which sell very well, Gorvitz added.

The 'For Me From Me' campaign will launch at the Academy Awards later this month, and encompass TV, print, social, digital, and out-of-home. It will feature multiple women and a handwriting-style font to underscore the personal relevance of a diamond self-purchase. For each woman featured, the handwriting will be different.

“The idea is self-expression. It doesn’t matter why she is buying jewelry for herself. That feeling is so different for a woman than a diamond she was given as a gift.”

Featured product will be items any jeweler might have: studs, ear climbers, hoops, and a necklace, rather than a single hero product. Women favor simple, modern designs that can be worn casually and frequently.

“We didn’t do anything you’re not already carrying in your stores already. We wanted to capitalize on the jewelry women are going to buy, and that you have in stock,” said Gorvitz. “Women should feel they’re worth the real diamond earrings and be reminded to treat themselves without guilt.”

DPA has bought a unit for red carpet placement to hover advertising over Oscars red carpet live action, much as popular brands do with sports events, and is making retailer participation easy and unrestrictive. 

“We will also be sharing with our entire social media assets with the retail community. If you want to use the whole package, go for it.  If you want to use a picture and a different caption, go for it. Make ‘For Me From Me’ a rallying cry!”

Further plans include a licensing agreement for jewelers to license the 'For Me From Me' line but develop their own assets. DPA will offer low- or no-cost creative, including print, digital, point-of-sale, visual merchandising support and other incentives for participating retailers.

DPA also is partnering with Performance Concepts and Fruchtman for training and marketing assistance for jewelers. Performance Concepts will be handling training and Fruchtman is designing marketing assets that will roll out through an online ordering system. Timing for all is between February and June, starting with the campaign premier at the Academy Awards, then working on getting retailers enrolled with the program. The schedule is roughly as follows:

15 Key Training Points For Selling To Self-Purchasing Women:

  1. It’s all about attitude and approach. Believe that every woman who comes to your store has means and desire to buy what she wants for herself.
  2. Self-purchasing women don’t want to be convinced or sold. They want to see selections that speak to them and represent their taste and style. They only need you for professional guidance and suggestions.
  3. If you sound like a salesperson, or offer any of the usual sales greetings, she’ll treat you like one. Instead, thank her for visiting (not shopping)
  4. Note whether she appears to be on a break from work or carrying a package from a nearby store or restaurant—something you can use to find common ground to begin a dialogue.
  5. It’s about conversation, not presentation. Pay attention to what the clothing, accessories, and jewelry she’s wearing reflect about her overall style, and watch what display captures her attention. Make the discussion about her, not the merchandise. “I see this necklace is a perfect complement to the earrings you’re wearing. Tell me what it is about it that speaks to you.” And listen carefully to her reply!
  6. Whenever possible put the piece on her instead of handing it to her and have a mirror nearby! Encourage her to look at it on herself in the mirror.
  7. Have a full-length mirror somewhere in your store.
  8. A light, fresh fragrance helps set the atmosphere, along with fresh flowers and a cozy seating area with magazines and coffee-table books.
  9. Have a curated—not cluttered—collection of pieces between $500 and $2,000, with the average being $1,300. That’s roughly on par with what most men will spend on a gift, and comparable to many handbags.
  10. Value is personal, based on what’s important to her, not you or the piece.
  11. Know your stuff. She expects professionalism. Don’t talk down to her.
  12. Be well versed in both jewelry and fashion trends as well as what’s going on in your community—new restaurants, events, etc.
  13. Stay positive and confident with a browser and give her useful suggestions. You never know when she’ll become a buyer.
  14. Don’t forget to close. “You’ve made a great choice,” as she’s looking in the mirror. “You could wear that right back to the office.”
  15. She will be a loyal and long-term client if you can establish a solid relationship and position yourself as her personal shopper.

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