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Overland Park Approves Scaled-Back Expansion for Karats Jewelers January 30, 2024 (0 comments)


Overland Park, KS--Karats Jewelers, with its family history stretching back to the 1940s in India, is set to broaden its presence in Overland Park. The local business recently received the green light from the Overland Park Planning Commission for an updated expansion blueprint at 12260 Blue Valley Parkway.

[Image by Overland Park via Johnson County Post]

Per a report in Johnson County Post, Karats Jewelers had ambitious plans for the site, proposing a substantial two-story, 33,500-square-foot facility, coupled with a subsequent addition of a one-story, 11,000-square-foot building. This vision aimed to establish a new flagship store by fall 2023. However, the jeweler has opted for a more modest approach in a strategic pivot.

The revised proposal unanimously passed as part of the consent agenda in the January 8 Planning Commission meeting, outlines a more compact development. The plan introduces an 18,000-square-foot retail space, marking a significant reduction from the initial proposal yet maintaining the essence of the expansion. This new space is poised to become the mainstay of Karats Jewelers, supplementing their existing store at 8651 W. 135th St, which has been their home for the past decade.

The report added that the project's second phase remains on the table, with a planned 11,000-square-foot commercial building on the northwestern parcel of the property. However, this development segment will also undergo meticulous planning and approval processes, including a separate final development plan.

Before the first stone is laid for the new Karats Jewelers location, the developers are tasked with securing the necessary building permits.

Read more in the report in Johnson County Post.

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