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Pandora Adopts Recycled Silver and Gold, Cutting CO2 Emissions February 07, 2024 (0 comments)


London, U.K.--Pandora has transitioned to exclusively using recycled silver and gold, eliminating approximately 58,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Per a news release, this change significantly lowers the environmental impact of its operations, as recycled metals require less energy and resources than mined alternatives.

The carbon emissions from recycled silver are a third of those from mined silver, and recycled gold emits less than 1% of the carbon compared to mining new gold.

CEO Alexander Lacik noted the importance of recycling in reducing the industry's climate footprint, stating that precious metals can be indefinitely recycled without quality loss. 

"Precious metals can be recycled forever without any loss of quality," Lacik said in a news release. "Silver originally mined centuries ago is just as good as new, and improved recycling can significantly reduce the climate footprint of the jewelry industry."

The release noted that the company had aimed to source all its silver and gold from recycled materials by 2025. Still, it achieved this goal by the end of 2023, thanks to its suppliers aligning with the Responsible Jewellery Council Chain of Custody standards. This required suppliers to overhaul their processes to segregate recycled and mined metals.

Pandora plans for all new jewelry to be made with recycled silver and gold by the second half of 2024, having already achieved 97% recycled sourcing in 2023.

This move positions Pandora ahead in the sustainability curve, especially considering that less than 20% of the world's silver comes from recycled sources.

Learn more in the news release on their website.

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