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Planning Travel to Trade Shows? American Airlines Issues COVID Safety Video, Info November 05, 2020 (0 comments)


Fort Worth, TX--Read this and watch the video If you are getting ready to make a decision to fly to a jewelry trade show somewhere in the world and are wondering about safety from COVID-19 on flights.

American Airlines sent this safety message on November 4 to its frequent fliers:

"The latest research shows you can have more peace of mind flying with us today through our Clean Commitment. New findings from Harvard and others suggest that our comprehensive cleaning and safety practices are effective in reducing COVID-19 risks.

"Watch this 1-minute video to learn about these flying facts and why you can feel confident in flight."

Click to Watch the Video Now

American Airlines went on to say "We've enhanced our cleaning procedures and added new protocols to reduce risks when you fly. Here's what we're doing:

By following the link you come to a page with full details on Amrican's "Clean Commitment" and another interesting one-minute video.

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