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The Centurion News Site Gives You a Free, Easy, Authoritative SEO Backlink November 05, 2020 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY--Everyone wants more and better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for their web sites to get higher in Google search results. As you know, legitimate Backlinks (links back to your web site from other related and authoritative web sites) are among the core strategies to achieve this.

The owner of a California jewelry retailer, Fox Fine Jewelry, Ventura, CA, recently suggested The Centurion make it easy for jewelry retailers and other industry members to achieve this on our highly credible and authoritative news site for the better level of the jewelry trade, we checked and confirmed it can be done.

The following steps on our site will quickly and easily achieve such a Free Backlink:

  1. Know that you only really want one (1) Backlink per site as more from the same site don't necessarily add more to your SEO opportunities;
  2. Choose an article on our site where you would like a Backlink included. Note you do NOT want to choose this article as it is about getting a Backlink and Google's alogorithm may not see that in such a favorable light. Most any other article would be fine;
  3. Navigate to the Article and scroll to the bottom where you will find the COMMENT BOX area (as show below) and follow the instructions to enter a legitimate comment about the article and below that sign off with your name and full web site home page address (aka home page URL), as Debbie Fox did above. We will receive the comment and quickly make it live and your Backlink will have been created!


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