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Platinum Born Debuts New Fashion-Forward Ad Campaign August 29, 2022 (0 comments)


New York, NY--As it nears its fifth anniversary this fall, Platinum Born, the only fine jewelry brand made solely of platinum, has revealed a fresh look and new messaging, targeting multi-aged female self-purchasers, Platinum Guild International said in a statement.

The new brand imagery was created by Benard Creative, captured on location at the Bonneville Salt Flats earlier this year. The first visuals of the new campaign made their debut during COUTURE in Las Vegas in June, where the brand successfully secured several new retail partners.

“Platinum Born is definitely hitting its stride as we enter Year 5 of its existence,” said Aron Suna, president of Suna Bros., the exclusive North American distributors of the brand. “Our retail partners have truly embraced this brand, many since its infancy, as there is nothing else like it in the marketplace. It is exciting to see it continue grow and prosper at an exponential rate across the US.”

[Platinum Born Large Limitless Hoops and Tapestry Necklace. Photo credit: PGI]

The brand will roll out the new visual campaign across all its consumer-facing platforms, including its website, social media channels and a paid media program. The new assets are readily available to the brand’s exclusive network of authorized retailers to be used for co-op programs in advance of and throughout the upcoming holiday season.

Larry Pelzel, VP, divisional merchandise manager, precious jewels at Neiman Marcus, adds, "Our jewelry salons are like a stage and our jewelry offering is the actor and actresses. If they deliver something our customers like, they get applause and an opportunity to keep performing. Platinum Born was a hit from the opening curtain. Our associates immediately embraced the fact it is platinum done in a very wearable and affordable way. It checks all of the boxes: precious, wearable, sustainable, unique, and durable. We believe Platinum Born has a very promising future as more of our clients learn about it.”

Learn more on the Platinum Born website.

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