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Polacheck’s Jewelers Debuts New Rolex and Patek Philippe Watch Boutiques September 05, 2022 (0 comments)

Polacheck's Jewelers Family in front of new Rolex Boutique in August 2022

Calabasas, CA--Polacheck's Jewelers, one of America's premier, high-end fine jewelry and watch retailers, has recently debuted new Rolex and Patek Philippe watch boutiques at their store.

Shown in front of the new Rolex Boutique are (left to right) Steve and Alana Polacheck (Brent's parents), wife Jody and Brent Polacheck.

The new Patek Philippe shop measures 700 square feet, while the Rolex boutique is 1,700 square feet.

Speaking to The Centurion about the two boutiques, Brent Polacheck, President of the family-owned business, said that the "evolution of the industry" led to the decision.

Polacheck's Jewelers new Rolex boutique shown above.

"Each brand warrants a much larger space — I thought of it a year ago and went to both of them [Rolex and Patek Philippe] and they approved," he said.

The new boutiques, however, won't change the availability of some selected models.

"We're struggling like everyone else to keep up with the demand," Polacheck said. "The new boutiques mean we'll be able to show what we have in a better way."

Demand for high-end watches exploded during the Covid-19 pandemic. The top watch brands haven't tinkered much with their production leading to even greater demand, and when a store — such as Polacheck's Jewelers — with a "client base that gobbles up everything that comes to their way," then keeping up with the demand can be challenging.

Polacheck's Jewelers new Patek Philippe boutique shown above.

Polacheck wouldn't want this scenario to change. "There's always going to be demand when you tell somebody they can't get something," he explained.

"I personally wouldn't change a thing," he added. "I would make the same number of watches. I would let everyone have 5 to 10 percent growth annually with their brands, and I think that's a very healthy and steady way for the watch industry to maintain what's going on."

[Images courtesy of Polacheck's Jewelers]

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