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Product And Service News From Oscar Heyman, Roberto Demeglio, and Harry Kotlar January 23, 2018 (0 comments)


Oscar Heyman Offers Padparadscha And Diamond Ring Similar To Princess Eugenie's

New York, NY—Padparadscha, that elusive kind-of-pink, kind-of-orange shade of sapphire is about to go from practically unkown to an almost household word, thanks to the recent engagement of Princess Eugenie of York. Eugenie, the younger daughter of the Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, the princess is slated to marry Jack Brooksbank in the fall, a few months after her famous cousin Prince Harry weds American actress Meghan Markle in May.

But the princess’s ring caught the eye of jewelry connoisseurs with its padparadscha center surrounded by diamonds. At left, Oscar Heyman offers up a similar style with a diamond guard ring: the 5.01-ct oval unheated padparadscha is surrounded by eight oval diamonds (1.34 ctw) in platinum, and the platinum fishtail guard ring has 28 round diamonds, 1.08 ctw.

Princess Eugenie's padparadscha-and-diamond engagement ring is slightly reminiscent of the ruby and diamond ring her mother, Sarah Ferguson, received from her father, Prince Andrew. The princess is eighth in line for the British throne. Image: Getty.


Roberto Demeglio's New Aura Dama Crystal Duplet Collection

New York, NY--Roberto Demeglio is introducing the Aura Dama Crystal collection. They are duplets, which is a composite stone made of mother of pearl (always white) with crystal that can be colored or translucent. Colored crystals are white, red, purple, blue, yellow and green. Bracelets and rings are available with Aura Dama shape ceramic (black or white) and 18k yellow or gold overlay, and can be combined with any crystal or can be all crystal. Retail prices are from $218 - $698.


Harry Kotlar Launches Jewelry Atelier Service

New York, NY--Harry Kotlar has launched a new program that enables retailers to provide bespoke jewelry to clients. The Kotlar Jewelry Atelier Service, to be launched at Centurion, is a unique program open to select boutiques and retailers in the country, allowing Harry Kotlar's Italian master artisans to create jewelry that perfectly suits a client’s personality and sense of style.

Harry Kotlar' Italian artisans have mastered rare and old-world techniques handed down from generations. Each of these custom pieces will also be hand-forged (not cast) from precious metals, carved, set, and polished all by hand. Under this program, Kotlar guarantees the following:

No matter the complexity of each bespoke piece, the process always follows four simple steps:

1. Conceptualization. The client can show a sketch, or photos of their desired elements.

2. Design and Refinement. Harry Kotlar’s in-house designers will refine the clients’ concept and provide a detailed sketch to illustrate what the final piece will look like. The client may request revisions to this design. Once the client signs off on the design, our artisans proceed to step three:

3. Crafting. At this phase, the client’s desire is made tangible.

4. Delivery. The final piece is delivered to the boutique or store. The customer will also receive a hand-rendered sketch or artistic representation of the piece as a gift. This will serve as a memento of their personal involvement throughout the journey of the piece.

This program is provided for boutiques and retailers to package or brand as their own. Interested parties can contact Harry Kotlar at 1.800.675.0479 or email Visit Harry Kotlar’s salon at the Centurion show, Salon 120, Joshua Room. 

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