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Product News: Oscar Heyman’s Rare Unheated Necklace; Gem Water For Health; Les Georgettes Expands December 14, 2016 (0 comments)


Oscar Heyman Offers Unheated Padparadscha, Sapphire, and Diamond Necklace

New York, NY—This rare necklace (left) contains 45 unheated oval Padparadscha sapphires (56.06 ctw), each individually certified. It also features 23.63 ctw of pear-shape blue sapphires and 6.25 ctw of round diamonds. Price on request; call Oscar Heyman (800) 642-1912; reference stock no. #602045.


'Sell Something,' The Latest From Peter Smith, Now Available

Boston, MA--Industry veteran and author Peter Smith announces the publication of Sell Something, his second book following his successful Hiring Squirrels. Sell Something examines some of the most essential elements of the retail sales process by exploring themes such as the Paradox of Choice, the Contrast Principle and Priming, as well as more nuanced topics like understanding how Regret-Avoidance is a powerful motivator for customers.

Using collected stories from retail sales professionals and Smith’s own extensive field experiences, he supports his narrative throughout with examples from the field of neuroscience, which continues to provide an ever greater understanding of consumer behavior, thanks to the emergence of fMRI technology in recent years. 

Click here for ordering information or contact Smith at or


Gem-Infused Water Offers Luxury Jewelers A Unique, Affordable Gift Product

Los Angeles, CA—Among the mystique of natural gemstones is their ability to heal and correct imbalances in the body. Ayurvedic treatments rely on certain gems to provide healing powers to both body and mind, and for millennia, human beings in various cultures have placed gemstones into their drinking water for healing benefits. The energy that different types of gemstones radiate is believed to alter the pH and oxygen levels of water, as well enhance the flavor of teas and soften the tannins in wine. 

Ewald Eisen, the inventor and designer of VitaJuwel, has created a modern, hygienic, convenient, and artistic way to carry on this tradition, which also offers luxury jewelers a unique and affordable gift idea for customers. VitaJuwel products use the energy of gemstones, encased in a range of elegantly designed glass vessels, to boost the pH and oxygen levels of everyday drinking water, raising its alkalinity to levels otherwise found only in natural spring water. Greater alkalinity has been shown to have significant health benefits in the human body.

Gemstones and water both have inherent physical properties: water has highly elastic and mutable qualities while—like the quartz used in digital watches—gemstones possess their own energetic vibration at a molecular level. The interaction of the two is what creates gem-water. The gemstone blends sealed inside VitaJuwel vials, bottles, pods, and droplets revitalize the water in which they are placed and can help reduce dependence on bottled water. The line also offers gemstone blends designed for use in wine and tea.

Distributed by Los Angeles-based Gem-Water, the line of VitaJuwel products retails from $60 to $600. 

Seasoned industry veteran Anjanette Sinesio (Diamonds In The Rough, Todd Reed), founder and owner of Gem-Water, is the official distributor of the product line to the luxury, jewelry, home décor, and spirits industries.

“Having spent over 20 years in the jewelry industry, I thought I had pretty much seen it all. But, every now and then, you come across something fabulously new...yet old...and become enchanted. When I learned of the gem-water's ancient roots, it became more compelling—it’s an ancient tradition for the modern world!”

For more information, visit or call (888) 218-2289.


Les Georgettes Launches New Designs For Valentine’s Day 2017 

New York, NY—Les Georgettes, a collection of French designer bracelets featuring interchangeable leather bands, is launching new designs with a touch of sparkle for Valentine’s Day 2017. The bracelets are available in 40 and 25 mm sizes with a choice of gold, silver, pink gold and ruthenium finishes. There are six new designs with white cubic zirconia; all styles work with the already existing 48 reversible colored straps. Retail prices start at $145.

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