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Rare Whiskey Is 5X More Valuable Than Luxury Jewelry March 12, 2019 (0 comments)


London, UK—While lasting value is a key selling point for luxury jewelry and rare diamonds, it doesn’t appreciate nearly as much as some other key categories, according to figures from Knight Frank’s 2019 Global Wealth Report. Colored diamonds, jewelry, and watches ranked at number six, seven, and eight, respectively, out of a list of nine categories. Furniture ranked ninth and was the only category to lose value over 10 years.

 While luxury jewelry appreciated 112% of its value and [natural] colored diamonds appreciated 122% over a period of 10 years, rare whisky appreciated a whopping 582%, leaving other categories, um, high and dry. Luxury watches appreciated only 72%.

Older bottles of single-malt Scotch are particularly hot. Last October, a bottle went for £700,000 ($917,000) at auction, only to be beaten a month later by a 1926 Macallan in a hand-painted bottle that fetched £1.2 million ($1,572,000) at Christie’s London wine and spirits auction.  

London-based Statista compiled this chart of the 10-year change in value of selected luxury assets as of Q4 2018:

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