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REEDS Jewelers Debuts Artistic Jewelry Line in Collaboration with Papyrus November 14, 2023 (0 comments)


Wilmington, NC--REEDS Jewelers, in a strategic move to enhance its product range, has introduced an artistic jewelry line created in collaboration with Papyrus. This partnership combines REEDS Jewelers' fine jewelry expertise with Papyrus's artistic charm, offering customers unique holiday gift options.

[Image via REEDS Jewelers]

Per a press release, Papyrus, renowned for its artisan-style products and design excellence, lends its aesthetic to the new jewelry collection, mirroring its expressive style in each piece. Judy Fisher, Senior Vice President of Merchandising at REEDS Jewelers, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration. She emphasized in the news release that both brands are committed to celebrating life's moments, reflected in the new collection's bold and artistic design, featuring vibrant gemstones and handcrafted details.

The Papyrus by REEDS Jewelers collection stands out with its use of vivid gemstones, yellow gold, and unique geometric and asymmetrical designs. The range includes an array of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings, each highlighting natural gemstones like citrine, blue topaz, rhodolite, and amethyst. A golden Papyrus hummingbird, representing love and joy, adorns each piece.

Lisa Wascovich, Papyrus Executive Director, shared her excitement about this first-ever fine jewelry venture with REEDS, noting the alignment of REEDS' distinguished design reputation with Papyrus' commitment to craftsmanship. The collection aims to attract Papyrus' loyal customer base with its refined design.

Adding a special touch, each Papyrus by REEDS Jewelers collection purchase is accompanied by a complimentary Papyrus greeting card. Available at REEDS Jewelers stores nationwide and online, this collection offers a unique blend of artistry and elegance for jewelry enthusiasts.

Learn more in the press release.

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