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Neiman Marcus Debuts Exclusive Bejeweled Ball in Dallas November 14, 2023 (0 comments)


Dallas, TX--Neiman Marcus recently inaugurated its Bejeweled Ball in Dallas. Inspired by the iconic Bejeweled book, this event marked an evening where high-value jewelry took center stage, featuring a collection worth nearly $140 million.

[Image via Neiman Marcus]

Per a news release, the Ball showcased jewelry from brands such as Assael, Bayco, Boucheron, Chopard, Margot McKinney, and Paul Fisher Vintage & Rare. Among the showcased items were a 218-carat diamond choker, a 41-carat Australian black opal necklace, and a 58-carat diamond bracelet, all part of a curated selection of diamonds, colored gemstones, pearls, and vintage collectibles.

Ryan Ross, President of Neiman Marcus and Head of NMG Customer Insights, emphasized the event's goal of surpassing customer expectations and forging enduring connections. "Our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations and create lasting connections through unforgettable moments that only Neiman Marcus can deliver," he remarked in the news release.

The Bejeweled book has been a pivotal element in Neiman Marcus's offerings for over a decade, known for its curated selection and exceptional presentation. This year, an 80-page special insert of the Bejeweled book was included in the annual Christmas Book, aligning with the retailer's 2023 holiday strategy.

Lana Todorovich, Chief Merchandising Officer at Neiman Marcus, highlighted their brand partnerships' strength, enabling the amalgamation of venerable jewelry houses and luxury customers. "Through the strength of our brand partner relationships, we are able to bring the world's most venerable jewelry maisons together with true luxury customers for an unparalleled experience as part of our "Retail-tainment" strategy," she stated in the news release.

The event extended beyond the display of jewels. Top InCircle members, part of the retailer's loyalty program, enjoyed a multifaceted experience, starting with private shopping and culminating in a gala at Hôtel Swexan. The evening featured a three-course dinner, dancing, and performances by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and pianist Fei-Fei Dong.

Neiman Marcus's commitment to enhancing customer relationships is part of its broader strategy, "Revolutionizing Luxury Experiences." The Bejeweled program items are available across its integrated retail model, with plans for further Bejeweled events in select markets nationwide.

Learn more in the entire release.

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