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Jewelry Insights with Jill Burgum: A Look Inside Heritage Auctions’ Record Year November 14, 2023 (0 comments)


Dallas, TX--Jill Burgum, who began her journey in the jewelry world in high school, has successfully transitioned from crafting individual pieces to leading the Fine Jewelry department at Heritage Auctions. With a background in art history and specialized training from the Gemological Institute of America, Burgum brings a unique perspective to her role.

[Photo by Josh David Jordan via Intelligent Collector]

An interview published in Intelligent Collector revealed 2022 to be a milestone for her department, generating over $26.38 million in sales. Among these was the sale of a rare 1.21-carat red diamond, fetching  $1.755 million - a record for Heritage Auctions.

Burgum recalls the auction day as electrifying, especially when the red diamond’s bidding escalated beyond expectations. She also highlights the growing interest in colored diamonds among Heritage’s clients. These gems, known for their rarity and array of hues, continue to attract collectors and investors alike.

Beyond colored diamonds, Burgum notes a stable market for large diamonds, quality colored gemstones, and metals. Additionally, the increasing demand for men's jewelry is reshaping market trends.

Looking ahead, Burgum is enthusiastic about the upcoming Holiday Fine Jewelry Signature Auction on December 4. The auction will showcase a vibrant assortment of jewelry, including a 3.06-carat fancy pink diamond ring and unique Cartier dragon cuff links.

Moreover, with the rising trend in men’s fashion accessories, the December 7 Jewelry for the Sharp-Dressed Man Showcase Auction promises an array of sophisticated options for male enthusiasts.

Burgum encourages both buyers and sellers to explore the auction avenue for fine jewelry. Heritage Auctions simplifies the process, ensuring a global reach and competitive prices, offering a several choices compared to traditional retail avenues.

Learn more in the entire interview on Intellgent Collector.

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