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Riva Now Custom-Cuts Stones In USA For Special Orders Or Private-Label Lines July 14, 2021 (0 comments)


Brooklyn, NY—Riva Precision Manufacturing, one of the few remaining full-service jewelry manufacturers in the United States, has added lapidary services to its extensive offering of manufacturing processes. Image: A 9.92-carat emerald-shaped barrel-cut roll-top amethyst, cut by RIVA Precision’s in-house lapidarist.

Riva’s lapidary department can offer any cut in any quantity, from single custom gems to multiples for production.

“Adding lapidary was a natural step for us,” says Ted Doudak, founder and CEO of Riva. “It fits perfectly with the package of services we have developed to serve high-end designer brands.”

Riva anticipates its new lapidary service will be of greatest interest to two types of designers and jewelers: those who need a unique gem as part of an individual design project, and those that require reproducible cuts suited to a collection or line. 

Riva creative director Rebecca Doudak says, “A lot of designers would love to include a custom gem in their collections, but the minimums with off-shore gem cutting operations are prohibitive. We’re making it easy and affordable to include custom cut gems in any collection, and we’re excited to see the requests our designer community comes up with!”

In addition to custom cuts, Riva will also stock a limited quantity of gems for off-the-shelf sales. They have produced a catalog of currently available gems (, and they will restock that inventory every two weeks.

This lapidary offering is just one of many innovative manufacturing services Riva has introduced in the past 10 years. The company offers casting and fabrication, full bench and stone setting services, and even enameling. Riva also makes chain from SCS certificated recycled metals and produces several styles of chain made from Fairmined gold.

The RIVA lapidary department can deliver any cut from basic to modified, from briolettes to cabochons, and even custom cuts, in single or sizable quantities for either one-of-a-kind orders for stock pieces.

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