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Robbins Brothers Launches ‘RB Select’ Emphasizing a Century-Long Commitment to Natural Diamonds October 02, 2023 (0 comments)


Los Angeles, CA--Robbins Brothers unveils the "RB Select Natural Diamond Collection," emphasizing their century-long commitment to natural diamonds.

[Image via Robbins Brothers]

This curated collection underscores the company's dedication to the quality and tradition of natural diamonds.

As stated in a news release, Robbins Brothers consistently prioritizes natural diamonds. The RB Select collection reinforces this commitment.

"These diamonds embody over a century of experience in the natural diamond business and epitomize the best of our heritage, true love, and what natural diamonds have to offer," Marc Friedant, CEO of Robbins Brothers, commented in the news release. 

"To us, the rarity, distinctiveness, and enduring quality of RB Select Natural Diamonds positions them as the ultimate symbols of true love, enduring commitment, and timeless romance — irrespective of how conventional or unconventional our guests' love stories might be," he added.

Sue Hopeman, VP of Merchandising, stated, "RB Select natural diamonds do not just make up a collection; they're a testament to our dedication to the splendor, individuality, and intrinsic value of real diamonds.

"Our aim is to continue to elevate the meaning and significance of natural diamonds to preserve their role as enduring symbols of true love, romance, and commitment."

Available in-store and online, the collection boasts a range of cuts, from traditional rounds to contemporary designs. Robbins Brothers also introduces a "Diamond Discovery Experience," allowing customers to engage directly with loose diamonds for an informed purchasing decision.

Acknowledging varied customer needs, Robbins Brothers offers certified lab-grown diamonds as a budget-friendly alternative without compromising quality.

About Robbins Brothers

Based in Azusa, CA, Robbins Brothers operates 14 retail outlets across the U.S., primarily in the bridal segment. With a history spanning over 100 years, the company emphasizes product knowledge, quality, and customer satisfaction.

For more details, visit Robbins Brothers.

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