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From Sanibel to Fort Myers, Congress Jewelers’ Legacy of Excellence Endures October 02, 2023 (0 comments)


Fort Myers, FL - Scot Congress, a third-generation jeweler, and his wife Melissa represent the legacy of Congress Jewelers, a retail manufacturing jeweler with over 40 years of business in Southwest Florida.

[Image via Congress Jewelers]

Employing 18 individuals and operating from a single location in Fort Myers, the company stands as a testament to dedication, quality, and resilience.

The past year has witnessed significant industry shifts, notably the rise in the popularity of lab-created diamonds. While many have adapted to this trend, Congress Jewelers has chosen a different path with its unwavering focus on natural gemstones and high-quality metals.

Facing Nature's Wrath

In an interview published in Florida Weekly, Scot voiced concerns over the environmental implications of creating lab-made diamonds, emphasizing the intensive energy required for their production.

The challenges of the recent year were not limited to industry dynamics.

The devastation of Hurricane Ian necessitated the relocation of their 40-year-old Sanibel-based business to Fort Myers.

This decision, described by Scot as one of the most challenging in his career, saw them reopening their doors in Bell Tower within a mere 64 days, joining other Sanibel businesses.

Adapting to New Demographics

This relocation brought with it changes in their business strategy. Noticing a younger demographic and decreased tourist presence in Fort Myers, they diversified their product range, introducing more bridal offerings. Their "Giving Back Collection" stands out, with sales supporting local causes and resonating deeply with their clientele.

Congress Jewelers sets itself apart in a competitive market by emphasizing its family-driven ethos. Offering personalized experiences, they prioritize building one-on-one relationships, ensuring customers find trust and fulfillment in their jewelry needs.

Reflecting on the tumultuous past year in the interview, Scot expressed immense gratitude for their business's survival and resilience.

As they look forward, employee training remains a focus. They're also revamping the "Congress University" customer service manual, ensuring all team members, especially new hires, embody the core values of their fine jewelry company.

For the new generation entering the workforce, Scot offers sage advice. "Business is a relationship, and trust and value never go out of style," he says in the interview.

Learn more in the entire interview in Florida Weekly.

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