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Sarine Says It has Developed a Solution for Melee Diamonds Traceability October 02, 2023 (0 comments)


Hod Hasharon, Israel--Sarine Technologies has partnered with Rubel & Ménasché, a French jewelry house, to develop what it is calling a “completely data-backed verifiable traceability solution” for melee diamonds. The diamond technology company added that this is a “major breakthrough supporting the expanding need for transparency in the diamond industry.”

[David Block, Sarine CEO]

The solution addresses the essential need for the verifiable traceability of melee diamonds, which, though smaller, constitute the bulk of the diamonds set in luxury diamond jewelry. To guarantee responsible sourcing of melee and enhance consumer confidence, we specifically aim to enhance the certainty regarding the diamonds' provenance, by establishing a verifiable documented link between the rough diamonds and their origin and the polished stones used in the jewelry piece. Sarine, already known for its proven traceability of larger diamonds, now extends this capability to small stones in large quantities, further advancing the industry's transparency and traceability efforts.

Sarine in a statement says the process is based on the actual measurement of the diamonds in their rough stage, continuing on through the polishing activities, until fully polished. Parcels containing large quantities of diamonds undergo initial registration on Sarine's new Autoscan Plus system. This is followed by planning and quality control measurements throughout the manufacturing process. The process concludes with the verification of the polished diamonds. This process is based on the same technologies used for larger diamonds in Sarine's well- Journey traceability program, with the necessary adjustments to scale up for the larger quantities and smaller sizes of the melee diamonds.

Sarine says that a pilot test program was “successfully conducted” with one of Rubel & Ménasché suppliers of high-quality melee diamonds. It tested the solution's feasibility and effectiveness across varied diamond types and manufacturing processes, validating its potential to streamline melee traceability cost-effectively.

“This initiative reaffirms our commitment to a more transparent diamond industry,” said David Block, Sarine CEO. We are dedicated to providing data with the highest level of assurance.”

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