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Rogers & Hollands | Ashcroft & Oak and Clean Origin Offer One-Click Insurance April 20, 2021 (0 comments)


Palo Alto, CA—Rogers & Hollands | Ashcroft & Oak, and Clean Origin, one of the nation's premier sellers of lab grown diamonds, have partnered with insurance technology company Zillion to offer online shoppers immediate insurance coverage for their jewelry purchases. Customers simply add Zillion’s 1-Click directly into the ecommerce shopping cart: no forms, appraisals, applications, or upfront payments required. The process is made possible by Zillion’s Magento eCommerce plug-in. 

“A simple and flawless experience is essential for online shopping,” explains Brent Stern, Rogers & Hollands | Ashcroft & Oak vice president of business development. 

Brandon Cook, Clean Origin director of marketing, adds, “We have a like-minded approach to change the way guests experience shopping online, and the full attention to the guest experience is the right focus. It’s an easy way to extend service value in our shopping cart while providing retailer differentiation.” 

As more and more retailers embrace ecommerce and omni-channel distribution, offering value-added benefits to the shopping experience increases a consumer’s online engagement. Adding the 1-Click consumer insurance with no payment in the shopping cart is a business tool that can immediately differentiate a retailer from competitors by adding a “protect now and decide later” benefit.

Zillion is backed by AXA XL, rated A+ Superior by A.M. Best. For more information, click here.

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