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Rolex, The World’s Most Dangerous Watch? January 17, 2022 (1 comment)


Los Angeles, CA—Few things scream “I spent a lot on this watch” like a gold Rolex. As a result, few things inspire certain criminals as much as a gold Rolex. From the women ripping Rolexes off the arms of older wealthy British men to the South Florida woman accused of drugging men and stealing their watches to the rapper killed for his Rolex in a home invasion, a high-end Rolex is like catnip for criminals—especially since coveted models are nearly impossible to come byImage: CRM Jewelers via Dmarge

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As a result, some wealthy individuals are shelling out big bucks for a really good fake Rolex. Dubbed “superfakes” by, these knockoffs cost between $2,000 and $3,000 and can fool even seasoned watch collectors. The idea is to wear them in public while keeping the real deal at home in the safe. Sort of the men’s equivalent of “travel jewelry,” these fakes are not cheap, but it’s still not like being out a $200,000 watch in the event of a robbery.

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