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Sarine Introduces CarbonVERO to Track the Carbon Emission of Diamonds July 07, 2023 (0 comments)


Hod Hasharon, Israel--Sarine Technologies Ltd., has introduced, CarbonVERO, which is designed to record the energy consumption and carbon footprint of each individual diamond, from its origin as a mined rough to its polished form.

The data is made accessible through Sarine's Diamond Journey traceability software. This innovation is the result of a collaboration with diamond manufacturer and trader, Andre Messika Ltd., and The Carbon Trust, which specializes in carbon emissions assessments, Sarine said in a statement.

Sarine says it’s the first time a rough diamond manufacturing facility will be measured for carbon emissions during each stage of the cutting and polishing process. This data will be accrued and accessible as another layer of information in Sarine’s Diamond Journey traceability reporting, from the mined source extraction process through to the cutting and polishing of the final product. The company says this data has the ability to include freight and distribution impacts from the factory right up until the polished diamond reaches the customer’s door.

Andre Messika will apply CarbonVERO, which captures this raw data, to all its Namibian sourced diamonds. Sarine says this will provide supply chain insights and add a new layer to trace carbon impact.

Sarine says this is the first time in the diamond industry where the actual measurement and calculation of the energy consumption and CO2 emissions from mined rough to polished gem for each diamond will be provided, adding that CarbonVERO will empower both B2B manufacturers and B2C diamond brands to disclose key environmental impact data transparently to their customers.

The Namibia Diamond Trading Company (part of the De Beers Group) rough diamond supply channel and Andre Messika’s Namibia-based polishing facilities were used as the initial benchmark, integrating NDTC's mining data to the factory's processes, to enable CarbonVERO™ to document pilot figures for the launch. 

The Carbon Trust created the dataset required for reporting, through the input of materials, energy, transportation, processing, ancillary and waste data. When combined with Sarine’s technologically based tracking of each individual diamond, the result is a comprehensive report, which can be tailored to individual customer’s reporting needs.

In addition to this, The Carbon Trust has also created a Product Carbon Footprint, which tracks the diamond from mine, through Andre Messika Ltd.’s Namibian factory, and then to the polished diamond distribution channel, as the blueprint for raw data-capture, which is currently pending ISO verification.

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