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Shinola and Filson Revamp Retail Experience with Omnichannel Cloud Platform June 06, 2023 (0 comments)


Detroit, MI--Shinola and Filson, two retail brands under the Bedrock Manufacturing umbrella, are set to revamp their in-store experiences. They will leverage NewStore's mobile POS, order management, and store inventory solutions to facilitate their transformation.

According to a report by Retail TouchPoints, Filson and Shinola will exploit the modular, mobile-first omnichannel platform of NewStore. This will give store associates data access on a single iOS app, unifying customer, order, and inventory information.

The report noted that equipped with iPhones, store associates will gain real-time data access, empowering them to assist patrons more effectively and execute transactions from anywhere within the store.

"By rolling out NewStore at Filson and Shinola, we will dramatically improve how shoppers interact with both businesses," said Jonathon Pop, Bedrock's principal architect, as per the report. "The partnership will streamline operations, improve inventory accuracy and help our retailers gain valuable insights about their customers, all while offering a more unified shopping experience."

The report noted that Filson runs a network of 14 stores spanning the U.S., Canada and Japan, while Shinola boasts 21 stores primarily located in Michigan, alongside a few in Illinois and Ohio.

Learn more in the Retail TouchPoints report.

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