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Should Retailers Take Sides On Sensitive Political Issues? March 07, 2018 (0 comments)


Washington, DC—Whether it’s guns, gay marriage, or Ivanka Trump merchandise, retailers and other public-facing businesses increasingly find themselves stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place.

Should you, as a retailer, ever take a stand on sensitive issues?

Since today’s consumers demand companies they do business with reflect their own social values, there’s compelling argument for both speaking out and staying silent. But even though there’s substantial risk of losing customers that don’t agree with whatever stance you take on an issue, this article on cautions that eventually, retailers may have no choice.

There’s no right or wrong answer to the question, but there is a right or wrong way to arrive at a decision, says the article. Do take time to carefully and diligently examine your corporate values and make a thoughtful decision to take a stance—or not—based on what those values mean to you and your business. Don’t base your decision on the emotion of the moment or the potential for publicity.

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