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Smiling Rocks Presents Smiling Brides January 12, 2021 (1 comment)

1-12-2021 Smiling Rocks Times Square

New York, NY--Smiling Rocks presents Smiling Brides in sustainable and ethical diamonds. Smiling Rocks starts 2021 at the world’s most prominent advertising platform, Times Square New York, with the Smiling Brides campaign.

The anticipation is over with Smiling Rocks new engagement and wedding jewelry is launched for the upcoming wedding season. It offers its retail partners an exclusive Bridal program showcasing fancy and round diamonds for the special occasion. 

This year, Smiling Rocks is focusing on Smiling brides. It offers stunning lab-grown diamond jewelry with interesting yet classic designs. A perfect moment for “YES” in every couple’s life. Every piece has a story for the brides to create a symbol of love and affection from their partner that will be with them forever. 

This year many are demanding and researching to buy jewelry that is impactful in terms of sustainability and ethical brand practice. “Our customers are taking pride in purchasing jewelry that not only is much kinder to the earth but has the aesthetic value”, says CEO and Co-founder of Zulu Ghevriya. 

The detailed craftsmanship and artisans' designs of each bridal ring are meant to be remembered forever. Smiling Rocks’ symbol mark, sparkle, is on every bridal ring that speaks of the brand’s mission to create smiles and sparkle their life journey. 

Smiling Rocks jewelry not only is breathtaking but is sustainable with lab-grown diamonds! Each diamond is inscribed with the logo that identifies the diamond’s origin and source transparency. Lab-grown diamonds are 100% identical to the mined diamonds and much affordable option for consumers.  

The brand’s mission is to give back with each jewelry purchased through its Smiling Rocks Foundation. The brand supports 4 major sectors, Environmental protection, Medical Support, Education Support and Animal Protection. Consumers who purchase from Smiling Rocks can inform the brand which sectors they would like their purchase to support. It’s the brand’s effort to extend the chain of smiles from the consumers to the community. 

Smiling Rocks is a lab-grown diamond jewelry brand based and born in New York. It is a sustainable and ethical brand with unique and most sought-out jewelry. It works on a philanthropic model where it gives back a certain percentage of the revenue from different parts of the businesses to its charity partners.  

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Comments (1):

Great to see the focus on the environment & social responsibilities. Wishing Smiling Rock a great year ahead.

By Raja Z. Muzaffar on Jan 22nd, 2021 at 6:47pm

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