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Spalding Jewelry Marks 75 Years in Beech Grove November 08, 2023 (1 comment)


Beech Grove, IN--James Spalding's retirement in 1981 marked the end of an era for Spalding Jewelry but also the beginning of a new chapter under the leadership of Frank Mascari.

[Image by Spalding Times via Southside Times]

The young entrepreneur, then just 26, bought the Beech Grove business that Spalding had started back in 1948. Mascari inherited not only the store's name but its legacy, choosing to continue operations at the same 622 Main St. location.

A year into his new role, Mascari expanded his dreams across the street, purchasing the building that once housed Bosma’s Dairy.

Today, Spalding Jewelry stands at 701 Main St., having evolved into a multi-faceted jewelry retailer offering everything from exquisite fine jewelry to custom designs and in-house repairs.

"We have been in this building 41 years," Mascari reflects, according to a Southside Times report, acknowledging his tenure's surpassing that of the previous occupants.

Mascari's dedication to his work is evident. He firmly believes in the business owner's personal touch, a commitment that has seen him on the store floor six days a week for four decades, only recently scaling back to five.

"Here I am 68 years old now," he said, per the report. "I’m one of the old guys in business now."

Beyond the counters of Spalding Jewelry, Mascari has immersed himself in the fabric of the community, serving a 12-year tenure on the Indianapolis City Council and actively engaging with residents' needs.

As Spalding Jewelry commemorates its 75th anniversary, Mascari is humbled by the enduring loyalty of the community. His customers' grandchildren are now buying engagement rings from the same counters their grandparents did, a testament to the store's lasting impact.

"There aren’t that many jewelry stores left like this one," Mascari says per the report, a note of pride in his voice for the tradition he continues to uphold.

Learn more in the entire Southside Times report.

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Comments (1):

just got back from Spalding Jewelry from getting a battery for my watch
they installed it while I waited and only charged the price of the battery.
treated me like I was spending thousands for jewelry but it was just a battery.
if you need anything worked on or in the market for some fantastic watches/ earrings or anything else,
I highly recomend Spalding..


By david ward on Apr 19th, 2024 at 8:00pm

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