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Stream The NAJA Virtual Education Conference: Appraisal Issues With Antique And Period Jewelry October 07, 2020 (0 comments)


Rego Park, NY—The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA) will host a special online education conference about appraising antique and period jewelry. The program runs from 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m. October 17 and is affordably priced at $50 for NAJA members and $75 for non-members. Click here to register.

Speakers, topics, and schedule include:

12:00 Noon: Pricing and Market Characteristics of Old Cut Diamonds, with Stuart Robertson, GIA GG 

Long gone are the days of pricing old European and mine cut diamonds based on an estimate of recut value. The healthy demand for old cut diamonds in recent years makes that approach antiquated as older, classic styles like European, rose and mine cuts can bring a premium when market conditions are right. But what are these conditions and how do we identify them? This presentation will discuss current and recent price trends for old European and mine cut diamonds, their value factors, while also touching on the dilemma of old cut style versus poor cut grades on lab reports and more.

1:00 PM: It's All About the Comps - Appraising Antique Jewelry, with Gail Brett Levine, GIA GG 

For appraising antique & period jewelry, comparables are used to help establish value. The similarities and differences of the item being appraised are measured against any and all comparables until enough of a parallel exists to make a value determination. This is an instructive AND interactive presentation about a challenging debate (or conflict!) of antique jewelry and appraising. 

2:00 PM: 19th Century Surfaces Techniques, with Deborah Finleon, GIA GG 

The 19th century witnessed the widespread use of a variety of surface techniques in jewelry, often with two or more within a single piece. This timeline-based survey will cover the most popular, from granulation to engraving to enamel. The details of each technique will be illustrated with numerous examples, which also highlight the popular motifs and styles of the era. 

3:00 PM: Manufacturing Techniques of Jewelry Through History and the Influence of Those Techniques on Value, with Michael Johnson, GIA GG

Explore manufacturing techniques through the ages, learn to identify when a piece has been made, determine the quality of craftsmanship, and understand how to assign a value to an estate piece of jewelry. Includes a practice session. 

4:00 PM: The Challenge of Appraising Vintage Rolex Watches, with Craig Lynch, GIA GG 

Do you get a good number of vintage Rolex watches to appraise? It is not enough to know the "changes" that can take place with contemporary Rolexes, but vintage presents a unique skill set of examination and valuation. Learn about vintage Bubbleback, Turn-o-graph, Cosmograph (Daytona) Rolex watches and more. 

5:00 PM: Era and Period Dating Clues for Appraisal Detectives: Visible Evidence of Manufacture That Impact Your Appraisal Work, with David Atlas, GIA GG 

Tips on identifying antique jewelry from newer reproductions, including things to look for, tests that help, and a sense of what looks like old-world technique vs. modern handmade and CAD-designed reproductions. 

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Click here to register or email for more information.

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