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Strong Community Response to Jewelry Store Armed Robbery June 26, 2021 (0 comments)


Douglasville, GA--An armed robbery of Ice Jewelry in the Arbor Place Mall on June 17 was among the crimes that prompted the Douglasville Police Department to post details on its Facebook page to seek help from the community in tracking down the suspect, shown wearing an ankle bracelet from a recent conviction.

In the case of this robbery, the suspect (shown below) produced a firearm, demanded a specific watch then fled in a black Dodge (also shown below). 

Community's Posts 71 Facebook Comments

The post received a strong community respone, including 71 comments, 77 reactions and 260 shares.

Here are a few of the comments:

"Maybe if the security guards actually carried weapons instead of a whistle and a flashlight people may think twice before robbing inside the mall!"--Blakely Johnson.

"They will still catch him, every ankle monitor is monitor[ed] by a private company. Even if he let the monitor die, probation or parole can look at each of there guys who may fit the profile. If he let his ankle monitor die then he becomes suspicious. Oh well give it a couple of weeks and he will be in custody..."--Peace Justice

"And there you have it folks. A flashlight- toting, plastic badge wearing, $12 per hr 'softer law enforcement '. You asked for it.... there you go. This is the reality of no law enforcement"--Elaine Jet

Click here to read the full post. If you have information to help the Douglasville Police Department, email Detective Nathan Shumaker at or call 678-293-1643.



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