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Stuller Retires 20-Year-Old Laser Welding Machine After ‘51,000 Hours’ of Service September 07, 2022 (0 comments)

Stuller machine

Lafayette, LA--Fine jewelry manufacturer Stuller announced in a blog post that it had retired its Coherent-Rofin Basic XE-Power Laser Welder.

[Image via Stuller]

The report said the company had used the machine in its manufacturing department for the past 20 years. The machine's laser performed over 51,000 hours of work in 20 years of service, providing over a million shots. 

"Let's celebrate! 20 years, 51,000 hours, over 1 million shots…our oldest laser welder is officially retired!" Stuller wrote on Instagram.

One of the company's associates, John Vandergriff, who'd worked on the machine for 20 years, said that the laser welder was like a coworker. "Having this laser is like adding a worker to the facility, one that does not take breaks or vacations," he said in the blog post.

Stuller ensured that it took good care of the welder by changing filters annually, changing flash lamps every one or two years, and changing the water pump as needed.

"This, more than anything is the reason I would recommend this machine," Vandergriff, the company's Traditional Manufacturing Manager. "This laser welder is a dependable workhorse that has everything a jeweler needs for repair." 

Stuller's manufacturing department has replaced the machine with a brand new Coherent-Rofin Basic XE-Power Laser Welder.

"We trust that this unit will be there when we need it and will always be ready to get the job done," the company said in the blog post.

Read the entire post for more.

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