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The Centurion Jewelry Show Opens with Exhibitors and Attendees in Good Spirits |  January 29, 2024 (0 comments)


Phoenix, AZ--Jewelry manufacturers, service providers and retailers were in a good mood as the Centurion Jewelry Show opened for business Sunday.

A lot of this is credited to the longevity of the invitation-only show for luxury jewelers. Many are longtime exhibitors and attendees, and the result is a club-like atmosphere where friends get a to do business while enjoying one another’s company.

[Chantecler Starfish necklace]

Asher Jewelry is showcasing several collections including the Paperclip collection, which features 14k gold and diamonds and its new fancy band collection 14k white gold and diamond rings.

[Asher Jewelry Paperclip Necklace]

Meanwhile, jewelry manufacturer, Facet Barcelona, is showcasing new versions of its patented tennis necklaces in 14k gold and diamonds in four lengths, from 14.2 to 18 inches, as well as its red carpet jewels including two necklaces featuring all diamonds, and sapphires and diamonds.

[Facet Barcelona Tennis Necklace in four sizes]

Paperclips are popular this year and New York-based Brilliant Elements is showcasing its own 14k gold and diamond versions of the design along with new pieces from its private bridal collection.

[Brilliant Elements Papercip necklace]

Varsha Fireworks Diamonds brand put its best foot forward with its special diamond cuts that the company says are larger, brighter and superior to similar diamonds with the same characteristics. In addition, the company was featuring its colorful Art Deco style jewels made of 14k white gold and platinum with colored gems and diamonds.

[An example of a Fireworks Diamonds proprietary diamond] 

GCAL by Sarine unveiled that its proprietary 8X diamond grade is now available for marquise and pear-shaped diamonds. Steve Feldman of GCAL says that for the first time in years, fancy shapes are outselling round diamonds and the new 8X grades are due to demand from their clients.

[GCAL 8X diamond display]

Among Italian jewelers at the show is Chantecler, the company that brings the experience of Capri to the world with big, bold colorful designs. A large blue titanium starfish necklace paved with diamonds was the one of the top pieces at the company's booth (top photo0. The other were two “Liberty Bells,” one topped with diamonds in honor of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who was a customer at the company’s store in Capri, and the other in honor of former president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, after the U.S. Military’s success during World War II.

[Chantecler diamond encrusted "Liberty Bell"]

Another Italian brand, Piero Milano, was displaying its Rialto 18k gold collection, named after the famed bridge in Venice.

[Piero Milano Rialto 18k gold and diamond necklace]

Misani Milano was displaying a broad range of well-designed and crafted jewels, including big, chunky 18k textured chains, an 18k yellow gold ring topped with a baroque pearl, and an oval-shape 18k gold ring paved with diamonds.

[Misani Milano gold and diamond bracelet]

Lab-grown diamonds were well-represented with Clarity Diamond, a company that produces its diamonds using CVD technology that is distinguished by using a single-growth process developed by the company’s semi-conductor business. The process produces diamonds that are DEF in color, and in VS+ range in clarity. The company is part of the HRA Group, which also has a natural diamond business.

[A sampling of Clarity lab-grown diamonds]

Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds, also produces natural and lab-grown diamonds that are offered as loose gems and in jewelry.

[Ofer Mizrahi lab-grown diamond jewels]

There were several financial advisors, among them was Owl Financial Group, with its unique asset-funding mechanism provides loans for retailers and wholesalers.

[Owl Financial Group]

CardOne, provides custom point-of-sale credit card solutions for in-store and online payments. It's the first time at the show for the company.


Crystal Tech Solutions provides cloud-based integrated solutions combining point-of-sale, inventory management and ecommerce systems. CardOne Crystal have worked together occasionally.

[Crystal Tech Solutions]

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