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The Centurion Video Series: Finding Success In Failure |  September 12, 2018 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—We all hate to fail. We often feel that succeeding is the only thing of value. But what if failure has something useful to teach us? This week we look at failure from several different viewpoints—including the famed author of the Harry Potter books—each with a smart lesson for us moving forward. Watch on!

The Unexpected Benefit of Celebrating Failure | Astro Teller

Find the potential in every idea, says this super short video excerpt of Astro Teller’s closing speech from his TED talk. Click here or on the image below to see the excerpt.  (Click here to watch the full 15-minute presentation.) 


Sarah Lewis: Embrace the Near Win | TED

The pursuit of mastery is a reach, not the arrival. Using examples from all walks of life, Sarah Lewis looks at how the near win is valuable. Click here or on the image below to watch.


Excerpt From J.K. Rowling’s Speech to Harvard: Failure And How It Affects Your Life. | Awesome AJ: Law of Attraction Coach

J.K. Rowling, author of the best-selling Harry Potter books, in a famed commencement speech at Harvard University, talks about the hard road to her epic success, and the failures she experirenced along the way to global fame. Awesome AJ, the "Law of Attraction" coach, loves to use Rowling's story as an inspiration. Click here or on the image below to watch.

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