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The Month In Review: March March 29, 2017 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—March brought more angst over synthetic diamonds, as a large parcel of melee at GIA’s Mumbai lab was discovered to contain 30% undisclosed manmade stones. A new report from JSA showed jewelry crimes back on the upswing, a Superbowl legend comes to Centurion, and the online gray market is growing for luxury jewelry and watches, with discounts up to 65% under authorized dealers’ retail prices. In case you missed it, here were the top news stories for the luxury jewelry industry in March:

Industry News: D.E.F.‘s Star-Studded Gala; Undisclosed Synthetics In Melee Again; Jewelry Crime Up

Online Gray Market Growing For Luxury Jewelry And Watches, Discounts Up To 65%

Superbowl Legend Manning Tells Jewelers, ‘What Made You Great Before Won’t Make You Great Now’

Centurion Speaker Reveals Hidden Generation-Gap Pitfalls That Hurt Business

Zappos CEO Tells Jewelers Service Has To Be Ingrained In Your Culture

Introducing The Centurion’s New Weekly Video Series

Smyth Jewelers Launches ‘New Rules Of Engagement’ Campaign Targeting Millennials

Watch: R.F. Moeller Successfully Uses Facebook Video To Promote Custom Service

Now Hear This! Drop Earrings Were Top Oscar Jewelry Trend

Peyton Manning On Leadership, Mentoring, Fast Thinking, And Getting Hit By Very Large Linebackers

Selling Colored Gems Rockets Jeweler Into The ‘1%’

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