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The Month In Review: November November 30, 2016 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—As jewelers across the nation geared up for the holiday selling season, two new research reports revealed surprising insights into what U.S. jewelry consumers want to buy, synthetic diamonds increase market share just as the industry re-launches its first generic diamond marketing campaign in a decade, and a special conference on family business revealed the key reasons why successive generations do or don’t want to continue in the business. In case you missed any, here were the top stories from November 2016:

New Research Shows What Diamonds U.S. Consumers Really Are Buying

25 IN 5 E-commerce Conference Inspires, Informs and Educates Prestige Jewelers

Educating and Engaging the Next Generation In The Family Business

Diamonds: ‘Real Is Rare’ Bows As WSJ Highlights Synthetic Threat

In Digital World, Gunderson’s Finds Print Is Still A Good Messenger

Family Business II: The Connection Has To Be Emotional, Not Just Financial

The Importance of Working Capital Management

New Study Shows Earrings Likely To Be Top Women’s Jewelry Gift; Gold Chains Likely To Be Top For Men

Position Your Business For Long-Term Gold, Not Short-Term Glitter

Make the Most of your Fast Sellers

Change Is Hard, But Necessary

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