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The Plumb Club Podcast: Security and Maintenance for Investment Jewelry June 08, 2021 (0 comments)


Englewood, NJ--The Plumb Club announces a new podcast dealing with how products can be secured either via construction and attachments, or insurance. Image courtesy of The Plumb Club.

Jewelry Security and Maintenance for Investment Jewelry: For many consumers, securing and maintaining their jewelry investment is paramount. Ralph Quackenbush discusses the various options for securing an item, such as the items’ construction and attachments. Further, he talks about how to insure an item and opportunities  a retailer has to further engage a customer after the purchase in order to keep themselves in top of mind.  Ralph Quackenbush is a senior sales representative for W.R. Cobb Company, a full-service manufacturer, providing solutions to retailers.

Click here to listen and click here for the full slate of Plum Club podcasts.

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