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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started With Retail Email Marketing July 01, 2022 (0 comments)

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Norwich, United Kingdom--When running a physical store, it might be easy to overlook the significance of email marketing. But emails can be a great way to engage with customers and announce new product releases, events, discount offers, and more.

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Setting up an email marketing campaign might sound overwhelming to some retailers, but the truth is that it can be achieved with some work, and the results are — almost always — worth the effort put into the process.

The first step toward setting up a successful retail email marketing strategy — as stated by a marketing blog post — is establishing a smooth sign-up process. And this starts with collecting emails from your customers. A great way to do this is to ask customers for their email when they come to your store or make a purchase, telling them that you'd like to keep them updated on the latest and exclusive offers. If a customer makes an online purchase, a tick box stating whether they'd like to receive communication online should suffice.

The next step is to feed these emails to your email marketing campaign manager so that you are ready to send emails.

The blog post highlights several types of email marketing campaigns. Try not to keep it lengthy — crisp and engaging copies do the trick. And most campaigns start with a welcome email, where you introduce your brand or store to the customer in the first email and even let them know what they could expect from future emails.

Now that you've informed the customer about your presence in their inbox, you could proceed with setting up other forms of campaigns, such as promotional and seasonal campaigns. These email campaigns are designed to announce new products and promotions. The article notes that a good email marketing campaign will have product, place, price, and promotion information in the email's copy, enticing them to purchase either online or by visiting the store.

Abandoned cart emails work great for online purchases. If a user adds items to the cart and abandons it, you could try re-acquiring them by offering an exclusive discount. Try to customize these emails, so the users know that the email is about 

Another aspect of email marketing campaigns is informative newsletters, where you communicate industry events, the latest updates on the store, and general details that highlight your relationship with the customer. You could also include personal stories from staff and customers to make a more genuine connection with the email receiver.

Read more in the blog post.

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