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Thief Flashing Stolen Rolex Is Arrested September 02, 2020 (0 comments)


Aspen, CO—A burglar accused of stealing millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry and watches from the home of a wealthy real estate developer was arrested in a subsequent crime when officers noticed him wearing a Rolex watch that was one of the items reported missing from the developer's home. 

The Aspen Times reported co-defendants Nicholas Henderson, 31, and Eleanore Louise Davis, 28, were arrested and charged with second-degree burglary and theft of the jewelry and other items from the home of developer Nikos Hecht on August 6. On August 19, officers apprehended Henderson for on suspicion of stealing about $60 worth of tools from a downtown Aspen business. In the process, one of the officers noticed the Rolex on his wrist. Henderson tried to pass it off as a fake, but the officer grew suspicious.

It turned out that Henderson is quite the serial thief, with multiple theft records dating back to 2005. In addition to the Rolex, officers discovered two costly stolen bicycles in his SUV, along with several guns and three more watches stolen from the home in his backpack. At press time, he remained in custody. The article didn't mention what model Rolex he stole--or if he is allowed a watch of any kind in prison.

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