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Third-Generation Jeweler Launches Jewelry Software for Multi-Location Stores July 25, 2022 (0 comments)

Michael A Razny, CEO and Co-Founder of Crystal

Chicago, IL--Michael A. Razny, a third-generation jeweler and a graduate gemologist, launched Crystal, a cloud-based inventory management and point-of-sale platform for single and multi-location jewelry stores.

[Photography by Kristen Mendiola]

"Throughout my entire career in jewelry, I've had to use outdated technology, along with many other jewelers," Razny said in a press release. "The jewelry industry has been underserved and overlooked for so long. I knew the problem wouldn't solve itself because our industry is too niche for big tech."

Crystal officially launched in 2020 after Michael A. Razny teamed up with Joel Steinbaugh, the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Crystal. Before Crystal, Steinbaugh previously led design and full-stack development at multiple seed-stage startups in the education, music, and gaming industries.

The jewelry software provides independent jewelers with inventory management capabilities. This includes custom attributes, dynamic reporting, an integrated point-of-sale, and an iOS app that allows retailers access to the platform with any device at any location.

Prior to Crystal, Razny managed retail operations at Razny Jewelers. There, he experienced first-hand the inconveniences independent retailers faced when utilizing inventory management that contributed to negative customer experiences, strained vendor relationships, and decreased profitability.

Razny reflects in the release, "It was frustrating operating with such limited software, so Joel and I decided to build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and test its viability in my store. Shortly after that, word spread and we saw interest from jewelers across the country."

Since launching in 2020, Crystal has managed inventory, point-of-sale, and operations for several jewelers, including Henne, Polachecks Jewelers, Material Good, Michael Herman NY, David Gardner's Jewelers, and Walter's & Hogsett, among many others.

Read the entire press release.

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