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Thrifty Shopper Finds 14K Gold Earrings for 50 Cents, Sells them for 200 Times More July 31, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--The Redditor, who goes by the handle @kokochina, revealed her surprising discovery in an online post. She is a frequent thrift shopper and is always looking for real or fake jewelry during these sales.

[Image via Reddit]

According to a report published by The U.S. Sun, in her description of the event, she mentioned the earrings were dirty but had a “so shiny” gold appearance, and their backs were marked. 

Despite their condition, the estate sales cashier needed to be more certain of their origin, even putting the jewelry in her mouth to authenticate them. She didn't believe the earrings had come from a dollar box, but the price had been reduced to that. The Redditor estimates that the earrings could retail between $60 and $100.

Some Redditors labeled the purchase as a “steal.” As per the report, comments ranged from praise for her find, like, “Those are beautiful! Congrats. I hope you enjoy them,” to surprise at the extraordinary deal, with another user exclaiming, “Holy smokes. That’s such a good deal, it’s a crime.”

Learn more about this in the entire U.S. Sun report.

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