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Tips to Charm Your Retail Partner: Part Two |  January 27, 2022 (0 comments)


Los Angeles, CA--After over a decade in the jewelry retail sector, I always felt valued when I had a partner in the business and not a sales representative. I strongly believe that adding value to a partnership can be achieved through building curated assortments, setting the foundation for a partnership, and establishing excellent customer service standards.  In this week’s article, I want to discuss three additional ways manufacturers and brands can charm their retail partners and create lasting impressions.


New products will always trump old merchandise.  Sales associates tend to operate with a top-of-mind mentality.  If the goods in the case are stale, stagnant, tarnished, or worn, sales associates won’t even bother showing them to guests.  I highly recommend supporting your retail partner by constantly introducing new and trending products.  If a ring has been in the case for 12 months or more, it’s likely that it will remain there for another 12 months or even longer.  This is an issue for both the retailer and yes, You.  If goods are not turning, heavy markdowns are being taken and stagnant designs sit, it’s likely you are not getting reorders, and new orders to support your partnership.  Want to charm your retailer?  Make it a point to review aged inventory every 6 months and introduce new designs.  Doing so eliminates the tough conversations of twenty-four month plus aged inventory and the dreaded $100K stock balance.  It also creates more open to buy dollars and increases the retailer’s margin. 


Today, more than ever buyers want something that sets them apart from their competitors. Interestingly enough consumers also want something unique.  Working with your retail partners to design and build one-of-a-kind exclusive assortments can and will boost your sales.  As a past buyer, one of my partners comes to mind.  I worked with the sales representative and design team to create an engagement ring set that celebrated a momentous retail anniversary.  The ring was exclusive to ME and the stores I was buying for.  Not only did the opportunity to design the wedding set charm me, but it also added a level of exclusivity at the countertop.  Consumers could not purchase the set at any retailer, they had to come to me.  The wedding set was a hit, and it created a level of urgency for the consumer.  Because of this, sales skyrocketed, and the set became one of the best sellers in the collection.                

Be Prepared with a Marketing Strategy

Do you have a marketing plan that will help you and your retail partners achieve your merchandise performance goals?  Make sure you are working with your partners, and you understand what is needed and appealing to the consumers walking into their store. Your end goal should be to find out what factors of the in-store or digital experience define which brand the consumer buys from. Is it nice displays, countertop flyers, a branded duratran, or even a strong social media presence? Also don’t forget to make sure your marketing team streamlines the plan to the sales rep of the retail store. You leave money on the table when your marketing team provides a high-res image for a duratran and the retailer doesn’t even have the ring in store to show and sell.

Combining the tips from Part one and Part two is sure to give you a hand up in charming your retail partners.  Remember, buyers no longer want to purchase from a sales rep pushing tray after tray of products.  Buyers want to purchase from someone who is vested in their partnership, works to build the relationship before pushing the sale, and has their best interest at heart.

Jackie Johnson is the Vice President of Crabtree Consulting. Prior to joining Crabtree Consulting, Jackie had a successful career at one of the largest independent chains on the West Coast, where she was the Designer bridal Buyer for over ten elite brands. Reach her at or visit where you can set up a live chat or a 30-minute free consultation.

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