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Triton’s New Men’s Bands: White Tungsten Carbide July 20, 2010 (1 comment)


Triton, a division of Frederick Goldman Inc.,introduces a new, groundbreaking collection of men’s wedding bands in white tungsten carbide. The new white joins classic gray and black as color options for its line of tungsten carbide rings, a highly popular and scratch-resistantcontemporary metal. 

Triton’s three-stage proprietary finishing process results in a bright white color, which expands the color options for a metal traditionally known for its deep gray color. Using a highly technical deposition process, Triton is able to bond a finish consisting of 95% Platinum Group Metals to their Tungsten Carbide TC850TM.

“This new, premium finish not only brightens and whitens the appearance but also exhibits the same properties of classic tungsten carbide,” says Jonathan Goldman, CEO of Frederick Goldman Inc. “We are excited whenever we can take an existing product and expand its performance through technology and offer our customers more options.”

A 2009 consumer survey released by The Knot’s Market Intelligence Bridal Series shows that 19% of all men’s wedding bands sold are made of tungsten carbide, making it the most popular of all contemporary metals, and second most popular among all metal types. (Gold was first overall at 39%). 

Triton’s white tungsten carbide collection will be supported with a national consumer PR and advertising campaign to develop both awareness and desire for the metal.

All Triton bands, including the new white tungsten carbide, are covered by a FOREVER Fit Limited Warranty. This warranty assures the original owner that if his finger size should ever change, Triton will resize or replace the band forever. There is no charge for this lifelong value-added service; the original owner would be responsible only for shipping and handling fees to send the ring back and forth.

The tungsten carbide collection and all Triton men’s jewelry can be seen at  For more information, contact Tom Tanner, vice president of marketing, (212) 807-2120, or email

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