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US Jewelry Retailer Directed to Clearly Label Lab-Grown Diamonds September 01, 2023 (0 comments)


Tampa, FL--The National Advertising Division (NAD), under BBB National Programs, has instructed US-based online jewelry retailer Agape Diamonds to provide clearer labeling concerning the origin of its diamonds.

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According to a news report by Idex Online, this intervention followed a dispute between The Natural Diamond Council (NDC), an advocate for mined diamonds, and Agape Diamonds over the latter's marketing practices for its lab-grown diamonds. The NDC contended that Agape's advertisements could mislead consumers regarding the diamonds' true nature.

The report noted that Agape Diamonds, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, did take steps to amend its marketing language, although these changes still needed to meet the NDC's expectations completely. This prompted the NDC to escalate the issue to the NAD.

The NAD's investigation found that certain online advertisements from Agape needed to include clear and conspicuous disclosure of the stone's origin. However, they acknowledged that much of Agape's revised advertising aligned with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines.

The report noted that in an official statement, the NAD recommended that all advertising from Agape should explicitly specify the diamond's origin (such as "Simulated" or "Lab Grown") immediately before terms like "diamond" or "stone." This would ensure consumers can easily discern that the product is something other than a traditionally mined gem.

Agape Diamonds' website claims they produce "beautiful jewelry with conflict-free simulated diamonds, synthetic diamonds, lab diamonds, and natural diamonds that are ethically sourced."

Learn more in the entire Idex Online report.

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