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Varsity Jewelers to Close After 35 Years as Owner Retires April 25, 2023 (0 comments)


Lubbock, TX --Varsity Jewelers, a local business that has served customers for 35 years, is set to close its doors as the owner retires.

[Image via Fox 34]

In an interview with Fox 34, store manager Rosalie Cutter shared the origins of Varsity Jewelers, which started when the owner was a student at Texas Tech. The business has evolved from selling class rings to offering engagement rings, estate items, pearls, and watches. As part of the closing, most items in the store are marked 35% off.

Cutter emphasized in the report the store's welcoming atmosphere and friendly interactions with customers over the years. As the owner reaches retirement age, the decision to close the store comes with a desire to spend more time with family.

Cutter, who has been with Varsity Jewelers for nearly 20 years, expressed gratitude to the Lubbock community for allowing the store to be part of their important and emotional moments.

Read the entire interview by Fox 34 here.

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