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VDB Online Hosts 10-Plus Carat Lab-Grown Diamond Multi-Supplier Auction May 09, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Online marketplace, Virtual Diamond Boutique (VDB), is holding a “Size Matters” auction on the VBD Online Auction House app, featuring lab-grown diamonds of more than 10 carats from multiple vendors, each with its own lab certification. The auction will be held May 16 - 18.

Opening bids for the B2B blind auction will begin at 8 a.m. EDT on May 16 with final bids due by 8 am EDT, May 19th. Tanya Nisguretsky, president & CEO of Virtual Diamond Boutique, said it’s the first auction dedicated to laboratory-grown diamonds of such large sizes, and the first time the VDB Online Auction House app will host an auction from multiple suppliers.

According to Tanya Nisguretsky, President & CEO of Virtual Diamond Boutique,

“Laboratory-grown diamonds constitute a swiftly growing segment of the fine jewelry industry, especially as growth technologies improve, allowing higher qualities of larger stones to be produced and incorporated into fine jewelry,” Nisguretsky said. “We are always looking for ways to use our tech expertise to add value and bring the industry together. Hosting this auction, the first-ever of its kind, is a natural progression for us.”

Participating lab-grown diamond vendors include All Star Diamond, DIAMAX, Diamond Lab LLC, D V JEWELLERY CORPORATION, Eternity Diamonds International LLC, Go Green Diamonds Inc, Labon LLC, NISHAL GEMS, and Meraya. Every laboratory-grown diamond in the auction weighs at least 10.00 carats or more and comes with lab certification. Each stone will have a starting minimum price listed by the supplier.

To participate, download the VDB Online Auction House app on their smartphones (Apple app store or Google Play store for Android) or by visiting Following registration on the app, the stones and their certificates can be viewed within the app, and bids can be placed online between.

For more information on the auction, visit For more information about VDB or the VDB Online Auction House app, visit

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